Strategy Sessions

Are new and emerging technologies affecting your industry or profession?

Whether you think so or not, they are and Thomas Frey can help you with a customized strategy session to keep you successful in your industry.

If questions like these are keeping you up at night, welcome to the club!

  • How viable will our business model be in the future?
  • What new technologies should we be embracing and what can we ignore?
  • How will these tech shifts change our priorities?
  • Should blockchain be a core part of our business strategy?
  • Is our marketing approach still working as well as it should?
  • Do we still need all these full-time people or should some be gig workers?
  • Should we embrace cryptocurrency in our business model?
  • Will I still have a job five years from now?
  • What new skills do we need on our management team?

Most leadership teams have a growing anxiety surrounding their business, yet only spend less than three hours a month talking about strategy; and once they develop a new strategy, nine out of 10 fail to execute!

Here’s how we can help

Our Strategy Sessions are oriented around half-day or full-day sessions involving active participation among all members. Each session is designed specifically for your business and industry.

We’d love to talk with you about creating a custom tailored strategy session for your team.

Please email Micale Medina or call 303.666.4133

With new technologies emerging Thomas Frey has strategy sessions to help you stay successful in the future
Schedule a strategy session with Thomas today by calling Micale at 303.666.4133.
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