Futurist Thomas Frey

Architect of the Future.
Google’s top-rated futurist speaker.

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Futurist Thomas Frey

Architect of the Future.
Google’s top-rated futurist speaker

Why a futurist?

As a futurist, my goal is to expand our understanding of the future. Every day, thousands of emerging technologies spring to life, thousands of researchers make new discoveries, and thousands of new trends start to reveal themselves.

As we move down the path of advancing technology, our relationship with the future has never been clearer; making this both the most exciting and scariest time to be alive, in all human history. There is a constant battle being waged over the needs of the present vs. the needs of the future.

Naturally the future cannot be our only priority; otherwise, we lose our ability to function in the present. Near-term issues invariably take precedent over long-term potential; yet, our ability to prioritize importance is directly tied to our vision of the future. Still, it is our vision of the future that determines our actions today.

I use this phrase a lot: “The future creates the present!”  Yes, this is just the opposite of what most people think. They believe the work we’re doing today will automatically create the future, but from a little different perspective, it is the images of the future that we hold in our head that determines the decisions we’ll make today.

When I change someone’s vision of the future, inevitably, this changes the way they make decisions today!

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