Futurist Thomas Frey speaking on the Future of Banking at the Jeju Conference in Korea

Popular Keynote Topics for Futurist Thomas Frey – Architect of the Future

Thomas Frey Futurist, Author and Speaker

Predicting the future has little value without understanding the driving forces behind the trends, subtle nuances that can be leveraged, and implications for both the people directly affected in the industry as well as others farther down the technological food chain.

Each year his talks touch the lives of tens of thousands of people with his unique brand of customized presentations designed specifically around the needs of each and every audience.

With that in mind, here are some of his most popular topics. But don’t feel restricted by this list as he loves to tackle unusual topics.

Setting the Stage

The people of the world have an “unfinishable mandate” to continually stretch, grow, propagate, and master not only the world around us, but also the entire universe.

The human race has a genetic pre-disposition for pushing the envelope, coloring outside the lines, and reaching for things that will forever be unreachable.

As individuals, there will be some who are content to find inner peace and live a minimalist lifestyle. But as a race, we are driven by the need to make a difference, be admired for our accomplishments, and create moments of triumph in our otherwise pale existence.

We have only taken the first step in a trillion mile journey. The next few steps, in my opinion, will be nothing short of spectacular.

Thomas Frey Certified Speaking Professional by National Speakers Association

Popular Keynotes

Living in an AI-Dominated Future

“Eight Scenarios to Prepare for the Technological Revolution”

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace, and advanced technologies are transforming every aspect of our lives. In this keynote, Futurist Thomas Frey explores eight different scenarios that illustrate how AI and other cutting-edge technologies will shape our future. From home mortgages and grocery shopping to speed dating and entertainment businesses, the possibilities are endless. But with these possibilities come potential risks and challenges, and it’s important to approach these innovations with caution and mindfulness. Join Thomas Frey as he offers insights and predictions on what the future might hold, and how we can prepare ourselves for this technological revolution.

Smart Cities

“How smart cities are changing our jobs, businesses and our children”

If we think of cities as living breathing organisms, where every facet of the city is expanding-contracting, flowing-trickling, inputting-outputting, and inhaling-exhaling, we begin to understand the dynamic nature of this kind of community. There are lots of attributes that we’ll add to our wish list for the smart city of the future, but first and foremost, they will need to be “aware.” They’ll need to be aware of everything happening inside their borders. Awareness breeds responsibility and sets the stage for what comes next. It’s all about flow. Smart cities will simultaneously aspire to be easy to live in, easy to work in, easy to travel in, and create easy ways to meet and connect with others. At the same time, we’ll judge them by their liveliness, enthusiasm, vibrancy, spontaneity, impulsiveness, and their overarching aptitude for serendipity.

Future Education

“The Imperative of Understanding: How Future Education Will Prepare Our Children for Tomorrow’s World”

The human race has a critical responsibility to pass on our accumulated knowledge to future generations. However, our current tools are not equipped to handle the rapid expansion of information and the challenges posed by an uncertain future. Traditional methods such as libraries and schools are too slow, and technology has not yet found an effective interface for the human mind.

This talk takes a different approach to the problem of future education. Rather than focusing on how to prepare for the future, it emphasizes the need to understand the world our children will inherit. By gaining a deeper understanding of the future, we can better equip our children with the skills they need to succeed.

Join us as we explore the emerging trends and technologies that will shape the future of education, and how we can use these to prepare our children for a world that we can only imagine. By 2030, the biggest company on the internet will be an education-based company that we haven’t even heard of yet. Let’s get ahead of the curve and start building the future of education today.

Future Entertainment

“The Future of Storytelling: AI, Robots, and the Fine Art of Entertainment”

As we approach a world where robots and AI become increasingly present in our lives, what does the future of entertainment look like? Will our children form deep emotional connections with machines? Will they prefer the company of robots to other humans? And how will this change the way we tell stories? In this talk, we explore the intersection of AI and entertainment, and how it will shape our understanding of what it means to be entertained. From interactive movies to virtual reality experiences, we examine the new tools at our disposal and how they will redefine the art of storytelling. But with these new forms of entertainment come new challenges, such as robot bullying and the ethics of AI-generated content. Join us as we navigate this uncharted territory and explore the fascinating world of future entertainment.

Future of Healthcare

“Building the Perfect Human: The Ethical Dilemmas of a Future Healthcare Industry”

The year is 2045. You have just celebrated your 80th birthday and you have some tough decisions ahead. You can either keep repairing your current body or move into a new one. In this world, body farmers grow “blank” bodies for people to transfer their consciousness into, and genetic material is used to recreate younger versions of people’s faces. It’s a controversial industry that’s both celebrated and feared. But what does this mean for humanity as a whole? Will we become a society focused on constant improvement, where our potential is limitless? Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on the future of healthcare and how it will shape the very essence of what it means to be human.

Future of Food and Agriculture

“The Future of Food and Agriculture: The Rise of the Coolest Profession on Earth”

Can better food create better people? Will a better food supply lead to healthier, stronger, better-thinking people? The answer is a resounding yes, and the future of agriculture is at the forefront of this mission. With the integration of cutting-edge technology and the increasing understanding of individualized human needs, food scientists are ushering in a new era of agriculture. By monitoring various bodily functions, food scientists can create custom-tailored foods that enhance brain function, strengthen the body, and promote overall health. As we continue to embrace this personalized approach to food, the demand for niche products, biodiversity, and smart food will drive the industry forward, making agriculture the coolest profession on earth.

Future of Autonomous Transportation

“The Collision of AI, Robotics, and Transportation: A Provocative Look at Our Future”

Throughout history, freedom and control have been the two driving forces of humanity. Our current automotive technology gives us the freedom to drive as fast or slow as our vehicle will take us, and control over our timing and direction, but we are still restricted to driving on the ground and have to navigate a complex web of laws and regulations. As we move towards a future of autonomous transportation, it’s essential to consider how this will impact our sense of freedom and control. Will fully automated navigation systems and convenient fly-drive capabilities give us more freedom, or will the constant monitoring and data collection restrict it? How will silent engines and specialized safety systems impact our control over our lives? Join us for a provocative discussion on the future of transportation and how it will collide with AI and robotics to shape our world.

Future of AI

“The AI Revolution: Redefining the Future Human Experience”

As AI rapidly transforms every aspect of our lives, we are on the brink of a technological revolution that will redefine what it means to be human. From virtual reality to personalized medicine, AI is already creating experiences and possibilities beyond our wildest imaginations. But as we navigate this ever-changing landscape, we must ask ourselves: how will these advancements shape our understanding of the world, our relationships with one another, and even our own identities? In this provocative talk, we will explore the potential of AI to transform the human experience and challenge ourselves to rethink what it means to be alive in the age of AI.

Future Jobs

“The Great Job Reset: Navigating the Workforce and the Workplace of the Future”

As automation and artificial intelligence continue to disrupt traditional jobs and industries, it’s easy to fall into the trap of doom and gloom thinking. But while certain tasks may be automated out of existence, new jobs and industries are being created at an unprecedented rate. This talk will explore the myths and misconceptions surrounding automation and job loss, and focus on the exciting opportunities and challenges of preparing for the workforce of the future. We’ll examine the skills that will be most in demand, and how professionals can bridge the gap between technology and their chosen field to thrive in a rapidly changing job market.

Future Industries

“The Micro Industry Revolution: How 100,000 New Industries Will Shape the Future of Work”

As we enter a new era of technological progress, the traditional way of doing business is being disrupted. The rise of new tools, including 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things, is creating an environment where anyone can start a business and disrupt existing industries. We are on the cusp of a massive shift that will see the creation of over 100,000 new micro-industries in the next two decades. These industries will be born from innovative ideas and will employ millions of people worldwide. How will they change the job market and transform the way we work? What kind of skills will be needed to succeed in this new environment? And what opportunities and challenges will arise as a result of this micro-industry revolution? Join us for an exciting discussion on the future of work and the potential impact of these new industries. Don’t miss out on your chance to explore the cutting edge of industrial innovation!

Future of Insurance

“The Rise of the Insurance Machine: Will AI and Automation Replace the Human Touch in Insurance?”

The insurance industry has always relied on human expertise to assess risk, underwrite policies, and provide customer service. However, with the advent of artificial intelligence and automation, machines are increasingly taking over these roles, raising questions about the future of human jobs in the industry. Will robots become the new underwriters and claims adjusters, leaving humans behind? How will customers feel about interacting with chatbots instead of human agents when they file a claim? Will AI be able to make more accurate predictions and reduce fraud, or will it lead to biased algorithms and discrimination? Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on the collision of insurance, AI, and automation, and what it means for the industry and its stakeholders.

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