Future Of Education Keynote Speaker Thomas Frey

What’s one of the single most important investments that we can make into our collective future as humans on Earth? Education. Designed to prepare the youth of today to excel and lead our world of tomorrow, proper education and raising well-rounded individuals matter more than ever in today’s rapidly expanding, technology-driven world.

The Future Of Education Matters Now

In fact, society’s pace of change is continuing to accelerate so fast that this draws the need to raise smarter, healthier, stronger and more insightful people. As entropy continues and more and more data and information are created, this necessitates the need for advanced teaching methods designed to account for unprecedented levels of information. In other words, education systems will experience a heuristics shift in which we change and improve the way students are taught, think, and process information.

To build a better future economy and successfully work toward modernizing the world for the betterment of humanity at large, a significant investment in the future of education couldn’t be more important. Here’s what John Naisbitt, author of Megatrends, said about the importance of education:

Education is now the number one economic priority in today’s global economy.”

That’s a fairly simple and straightforward quote, but also a valid one. Thomas Frey, futurist speaker and specialist in the future of education, couldn’t agree more.

The Future Of Education Keynote Speaker You Need To Hear

With years of experience in starting companies, developing businesses, and researching extensively into the future of an incredible number of topics that will eventually affect every human on planet Earth, Thomas Frey provides priceless insight that education professionals need to hear. Whether you’re serving on a board of education for a local school district, you’re a distinguished college professor, or even a superintendent, Thomas’ visionary insight and collaborative research with the DaVinci institute support his credibility as a future of education keynote speaker.

We Must Pay Credence To The Future Of Education

It’s true; in order for society to set a solid foundation and raise smart, well-rounded and critical thinking adults able to adapt in a rapidly-changing world, the future of education must be under the international spotlight — not just in the United States. Combined with his extensive entrepreneurial experience, Thomas Frey credits his success as a futurist speaker largely due to his educational background. Central to education is learning, and we must identify and adapt to different modalities of learning for the sake of future generations.

Book Thomas Frey For A Future Of Education Keynote Speaker!

It’s true that the future of education is quite a broad matter to tackle. In all honesty, so is futurism in general. However, it’s incredibly important that we anticipate what students (at all education levels, K-12 all the way through college) will be going through in order to pave a better, brighter future. By hiring future of education keynote speaker Thomas Frey, you and your colleagues — even students — will learn more about what’s in store for the future of education and how new learning processes will affect our growing world. Contact Thomas today!

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