Foresight Journaling – Unlocking the secret truths to your hidden future!

by | Apr 2, 2020 | Futurist Thomas Frey Insights

Futurist Speaker Thomas Frey Foresight Journaling To Unlock The Secret To Hidden FutureLet’s start by asking, “What if we had a better way of finding answers to our most pressing personal issues?”

Each of us are challenged with a unique set of problems, circumstances, challenges, and opportunities, and let’s be honest, we’re not good at making decisions.

Very few of us feel like great decision-makers and yet, that’s exactly what we spend most of our days doing.

Should I buy a house, sell a house, find a new job, stay where I’m at, go out to eat, cook at home, drive across town, or stay where I am? If we have children, or myriad of other variables, the complexities of our decisions skyrocket.

Our ability to take control of our own destiny is directly tied to the confidence we have in making our own decisions and that’s where Foresight Journaling comes in.

Everyday we wake up to an entirely new set of issues, confrontations, confusion, interruptions, panic, hope, and opportunities. Sometimes even our finest moments of serendipity seem to be laced with chaos. This is especially true after the COVID-19 pandemic with each of us searching furiously to find something solid to hang onto.

We all go through life-changing experiences differently, but for every problem we face, there is an equal and opposite life-changing opportunity waiting to be discovered.

Your ability to both discover and leverage those opportunities is tied directly to the way we frame our thinking.

Foresight Journaling is a contemplative thought process that allows us to find the answers we’re looking for and take control of our destiny. And we do it using a process known as “contemplative inquiry”, which is a powerful tool for reprogramming our inner vision.

For this reason we have launched a Foresight Journaling Newsletter which will show up in your inbox once a week for only $9.98 per month.

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Here’s how it works!

With “contemplative inquiry”, you relax your body, calm your emotions, and quiet your mind, so you can begin to master the fine art of leveraging your own intuitive wisdom.

Every week I’ll pose a series of provocative questions, and it’ll be up to you to struggle your way through them to find the answer. Keep in mind, there is great power in the struggle.

Every contemplative inquiry question is designed to help you dig deeper, to find the untouched regions of your being, and unlock the secret truths.

Start by finding a quiet place and learn to clear away both your internal and external distractions. You’ll need to be in a high-energy state, fully hydrated, listening to the right kind of music at the right volume. Some experts say it works best if the music is a repetitive type such as techno, classical, new age, or trance.

During this process, nothing is straightforward. There are no one-size-fits-all formulas, no repeatable processes, and no certainty about what you think you know, until you know it.

For some it will make sense right away, but for others, it’ll be as chaotic as it sounds. You will find exceptions to every rule, new ways of defining every situation, and countless new perspectives to uncover on the path to finding your answers.

I encourage you to take notes, jot down ideas, phrases, quotes, and make list upon list until you feel comfortable with all the options you need to explore. The universe is not linear and neither is your mind, so feel free to let your randomness, spontaneity, and impulsive whims help guide your thinking.

Every week we’ll send you a new set of five questions. At first glance they may not appear to be the most pertinent questions of the day, but rest assured they are all critical pieces of a much larger mind map for triggering the inner you.

Each set of five questions are intended to be a week’s worth of contemplation, probing, musing, deliberation, brooding, deep thinking, and reflection. One question will lead to another, and another, until a light bulb turns on in your head. If the light bulb doesn’t turn on, you’re not done.

You will not be graded on whether your answers are right or wrong. This is YOUR process, YOUR answers, and YOUR seismic breakthroughs!

If you stall out, take a break and come back later. But never, never, never give up. Your future self is counting on you!

Futurist Speaker Thomas Frey Blog: Guided By Inner Vision Of The Future

Guided by Our Inner Vision of the Future

With every presentation I do, I give a brief overview of how the future gets formed.

I describe it like this. “People make decisions today based on their understanding of what the future holds. So if we change someone’s vision of the future, we change the way they make decisions today.”

My role as a futurist is to change people’s vision of the future.

The internal steering wheel that our subconscious relies on to guide us through our daily life is our “inner vision of the future.”

Tucked away, deep in our cranial cavities, is a personal vision of what the future holds. While we’re not conscious of its role or how it works, our inner vision oversees every action we take today.

If we come across a new way of looking at the future, we have to check in with our inner vision first. It’s our official roadmap for the future. If something does sync up, we will begin a point by point comparison of how the new perspective is different from the “official version.” When something doesn’t mesh, we think through every discrepancy and start the process of reprogramming our inner vision.

‘Contemplative Inquiry’ and our ‘Inner Vision’

To better understand the dynamics, our inner vision represents our comfort zone. And we tend to be very protective of what we think we know.

Contemplative inquiry is a process for piercing the comfort zone and forcing us to rethink, reexamine, and reevaluate. Our inner vision needs far more adjusting than we think it does.

Yes, we have control over our own decisions, but we go through a series of internal processes before they get “blessed” by our inner vision. Ironically, even our decision to change our inner vision has to be approved by our inner vision.

We have many tools for managing our inner vision like increasing our exposure to information, changing our focus, our perspective, or changing our event horizon. But the most effective tool of all is contemplative inquiry.

It not only gives us the answers we need, but it also has a way of validating our thinking!

Futurist Speaker Thomas Frey Blog: The Human To Future Interface
Few people understand the human-to-future interface!

The Human-to-Future Interface

The three items that the human body comes into contact with most in life are the beds that we sleep in, the chairs that we sit in, and the shoes that we walk in. These are the primary friction points that we know all too well.

However the overarching, all-consuming interface that few people consider is our human-to-future interface. Since we will all be spending the rest of our lives in the future, we really should learn more about how we’re making the transition from the here-and-now to what-comes-next.

Just as a fish has no way of understanding the concept of water, we are immersed in wave upon wave of an ever-changing future, silently slipping through our reality lens like the hands of time.

The needs of “now,” are different from the needs of “then,” and even though we take these imperceptible changes for granted, every future has a way of altering the demands that will be placed on us, as we go about our daily living.

We all intuitively know that today will be different than yesterday, and that tomorrow will also hold a few surprises. But few scientists, if any, have actually tried to examine the effect these micro-forces of change have on us individually as they wash relentlessly over us.

Even the slightest bump, noise, smell, or thought can alter what comes next. With most of these changes, we’re not even aware they’re happening.

Final Thoughts

How many times have you heard someone say they are “looking for a sign?” Perhaps you’ve said it yourself.

But what exactly constitutes a “sign” and how is one sign more significant than another? Sometimes we will describe our “sign” as an article we’ve read, a video clip we’ve seen, image on a wall, or conversation with a friend.

In reality, the “signs” we’ve imagined operate more as a triggering mechanism alerting us to the fact that something important just happened. In each of these situations, a momentary thought becomes a “sign” because it distinctly resonates with our inner vision.

The signs we’re all looking for are being guided by our inner vision.

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