The Thomas Frey Experience

Talking about the future of education at the TEDx Reset convention in Istanbul, Turkey.

“Tom is an exceedingly bright guy, a humorous speaker and a person who is quick to challenge conventional wisdom. He is a quick study who can develop an imaginative presentation around almost any conceivable topic.”

George Sharpe, Founder of the Greenwood Group and former Vice President of Product Development for Hunter Douglas.

When hiring a professional speaker, one of the key differentiators is the audience experience. Thomas not only comes to each talk loaded with just the right amount of humor, candor and motivation, but also emotes tantalizing information bits, provocative knowledge and innovative ideas that people can immediately use to gain a competitive edge in their field.

The many facets of Thomas Frey’s Life-Changing Audience Experience include:

  • Journeying into the Future: The future is not a destination. It doesn’t end when we get there. Rather, each talk is a journey into the future that can best be described as a series of great stories told from resting points along the way.
  • Engaging Delivery Style: The kind of thought-provoking dialog that Thomas brings to the stage requires an intense delivery style that enables the audience to become connected with and immersed in the revelations while grasping the possibilities and feeling the salient touch points.
  • Cutting Edge Thinking: Although some speakers offer creative insights into the world around us, Thomas pushes far beyond the limits of conventional wisdom by talking about and embracing extreme futures while building intriguing yet palatable “what if” scenarios as a tool for discussing far reaching societal implications.
  • Stretching of the Imagination: Much like the way physical exercise strengthens the body, an “imagination workout” has a way of strengthening the mind. Frey’s presentations not only stretch the imagination but have a way of jolting one’s brain into an alert and aware state.
  • Positive and Uplifting Message: It’s far too easy to wallow in the underbelly of life, finding all the things that can and will go wrong. However, this is not part of the Thomas Frey Experience. Every perceived problem creates an opportunity. When confronted with dark clouds, their silver linings are what can propel us to a better and brighter future ahead.
  • Energizing Ideas: New ideas have a way of infusing audiences with energy. Thomas has an uncanny ability to find people’s raw nerve endings and tease them with mental ‘carrots’ designed to energize and invigorate their thinking and perceptions.
  • Challenging Assumptions: Too often our thinking gets stuck because it’s anchored in the stale old thinking of the past. Our ability to craft a better future stems from our capacity to break through these barriers and focus on the opportunities that lie ahead.
  • Personable Nature: We live in a world where, in spite of all our advanced communication technologies, people remain dreadfully detached from one another. Finding a speaker who cares about the people around him and enjoys their company is a rare treat.
  • Custom Tailoring: All talks are custom tailored to mesh well with the goals and attitudes of the conference organizers as well as attendees.

“Thomas was great! We received high marks on his presentation! He was appealing and relevant to our audience and a dynamic speaker. It was truly a pleasure to meet him and a pleasure to work with you on getting him to our convention.”

– Rozana Audisho, Public Relations Manager – FSCC Credit Union Retail Delivery Convention

“One of the most thoughtful and entertaining talks I’ve ever been to! Thomas is a very deep thinker, both motivational and inspirational with his ability to build creative insights into the world ahead.”

– Steve Masias – Former EEOC Director, City of Colorado Springs