Foresight Journaling: We Can Help You Unlock the Secret Truths to your Hidden Vision

by | Jul 2, 2020 | Futurist Thomas Frey Insights

Decisions, Decisions

Futurist Speaker Thomas Frey Blog: Foresight Journaling Helps Change Your Vision Of The Future To Improve Decision MakingEach of us is faced with a unique set of problems, circumstances, challenges and opportunities, and let’s be honest, we’re not too good at making decisions about them. Very few of us feel like great decision makers, and yet that’s exactly what we spend most of our time doing – making or contemplating decisions!

Should I buy a house, sell a house, find a new job, stay where I’m at, go out to eat, cook at home, drive across town, or stay where I am? Add life variables like children, financial stress, illness, wealth, or a myriad of other circumstances, and the complexities of our decisions skyrocket.

We all approach life-changing experiences differently, but, ideally, we should have the mindset that for every problem we face, there is an equal and opposite life-changing opportunity waiting to be discovered. Our ability to discover and leverage those opportunities is tied directly to the way we frame our thinking.

Our decisions shape our future. But conversely, and circuitously, we make decisions today based on our understanding of what the future holds – imperfect information at best. So, what if we could change our vision of the future, get past inactivity biases and preconceived notions, for example, to improve the decisions we make?

That’s my role as a futurist: To change a person’s vision of the future. Much of that happens by tapping into fresh insights and information we uncover inside ourselves. In a moment, I’ll introduce a technique to help do exactly that. We’re not quite there yet, though!

Futurist Speaker Thomas Frey Blog: Contemplative Inquiry Powerful Tool For Reprogramming Inner Vision

We’re Guided by Our Inner Vision of the Future

Your inner vision of your future is the internal steering wheel that your subconscious relies on to guide you through your daily life. It’s on automatic pilot – even though you’re not always conscious of its role or how it works, your inner vision is overseeing many actions and decisions every day. That’s not always bad, but it can be limiting.

Here’s how your inner vision evolves. If you come across a new way of looking at the future, you’ll instinctively compare it with your current inner vision of the future. If there’s a discrepancy between the new insight and the current roadmap, you’ll begin a point-by-point comparison of how the new perspective is different from the official version. If the new information is credible, you’ll start the process of reprogramming certain aspects of your inner vision for the future.

This is a process we all need to encourage – it’s how we grow wiser and, yes, make better decisions. It’s a process that’s nurtured by Foresight Journaling.

Foresight Journaling – A Tool to Open Your Mind to a New Future

Every day, we wake up to an entirely new set of issues, confrontations, confusion, interruptions, panic, hope, and opportunities. Sometimes even our finest successes are tinged with chaos. During challenging times, like during the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us are searching furiously to find something solid to hang onto.

Foresight Journaling is a contemplative exercise that allows us to find the answers we’re looking for and take control of our destiny. It’s based on a process called contemplative inquiry, a powerful tool for reprogramming the inner vision. With contemplative inquiry, you relax your body, calm your emotions, and quiet your mind, so you can begin to master the fine art of leveraging your own intuitive wisdom.

Our weekly Foresight Journaling Newsletter will help support this process.

Every week I’ll pose a series of five provocative questions, and it’ll be up to you to struggle your way through them to find the answers!

Keep in mind, the struggle will be the source of your growth – the expanded access to the insights and truths within you. The Foresight Journaling Newsletter is an investment in your future for only $9.98USD per month.


The Foresight Journaling Process

Each contemplative inquiry question is designed to help you dig deeper, to find the untouched regions of your being, and unlock the secret truths.

Start by finding a quiet place. Clear away both internal and external distractions. You’ll need to be in a high-energy state, fully hydrated, listening to the right kind of music at the right volume. Some experts say this technique works best if the music is a repetitive type such as techno, classical, new age, or trance.

During this process, nothing is straightforward. There are no one-size-fits-all formulas, no repeatable processes, and no certainty about what you think you know … until you know it.

For some, the exercise will make sense right away. For others, it’ll be as chaotic as it sounds. You’ll discover exceptions to every rule, new ways of defining every situation, and countless new perspectives as you try to determine the answer.

I encourage you to take notes and jot down ideas, phrases, and quotes. Make list upon list until you feel comfortable with all the options you need to explore. The universe isn’t linear, and neither is your mind, so feel free to let your randomness, spontaneity, and impulsive whims guide your thinking.

At first glance the questions may not appear to relate to the most pertinent matters of the day, but rest assured there’s an important method to the randomness. Each exercise will push you to engage with your larger mind map, and that’s the key to triggering the inner you.

Each set of five questions provides a week’s worth of contemplation, probing, musing, deliberation, brooding, deep thinking, and reflection. One question will lead to another, and another, until a light bulb turns on in your head. If the light bulb doesn’t turn on, you’re not done.

You won’t be graded on whether your answers are right or wrong. This is your process, and these are your answers that will lead to your seismic breakthroughs! If you stall out, take a break and come back later. But never, never, never give up. Your future self is counting on you!

A Final Thought on Contemplative Inquiry – It’s Time to Get Uncomfortable

Our inner vision represents our comfort zone. We all tend to be very protective of what we think we know. Engaging in Contemplative Inquiry will pierce your comfort zone and force you to rethink, reexamine, and reevaluate. Your inner vision needs far more adjusting than you may think, but when you approach the process purposefully, through Foresight Journaling for example, you can literally change your future for the best!

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